Date: 3rd May 2013 at 12:43am
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Kris Machala has revealed that Shahid Azeem failed to meet the deadline on taking the majority shareholding at the club, so it was extended in the hope that a deal to secure the future of the club could be completed.

Unfortunately on deadline Craig Stanley tweeted that the players had again not been paid.

‘Good start to summer back home check my balance to see if we’ve got paid and we haven’t what a joke’

The news was quickly picked up by the national media and the BBC carried quotes from Shahid Azeem who said the situation would be explained to the players.

It hasn’t stopped the fall out, with Kris Machala saying.

‘As always, I have this club at heart and every decision is with a view to doing the best for the club’s survival. We do not have any more time for talk about funding the club. Someone has to provide evidence they have the funds to take on the club’s liabilities. That has not been done to date.’

Another part of the fall out was Andrew Mill’s resignation, despite only being in the role since January.

He described the entire situation as ‘ridiculous’ and explained the reasons for his resignation.

‘I am now being asked to make assurances and promises to players, staff and company creditors who remain unpaid that I simply have no authority to either confirm, nor have any evidence to believe. I remain seriously concerned about the immediate insolvency of the business and recent public assurances of Mr Machala to fund the business through the transition period without any evidence of the ability to do so.’

A lot of fans will point back to the point where Kris Machala blocked a move for a proposed share issue, because his plans so far unfortunately for the club simply haven’t come to fruition.

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