Date: 23rd May 2013 at 9:08pm
Written by:

Newly redundant former captain Ben Herd has hit out at the club following their treatment of the players after entering administration.

The News & Mail carry the comments from Herd, and also say they believe that only two players were paid for the month of April – however that has not been confirmed by our administrators.

Herd was mindful of the situation the club have found themselves in, but he believes the whole affair could’ve been handled much better.

‘It’s extremely poor how it’s all been handled to be honest. The only correspondence I’ve had from the club since all this came out was one phone call from the administrators to tell me I’ve been made redundant. It would have been nice to hear it from someone else at the club that we are familiar with and worked alongside.’

Adding that the players can’t quite fathom how they can be made redundant given that their places will be filled by somebody else come the new season anyway.

Herd also said he would support the efforts of the Trust to try and get community ownership of the club.

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